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Tim Minnix can help you understand what you need to get a real estate license, how much money you will need for the license, what to do in order to be highly successful, and the various roles available in the real estate industry.

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Debating a career move to real estate, but not sure where to start? Call Careers in Real Estate with Tim Minnix for help. Our business coaches will help you find resources for education, development, wealth building opportunities and more. Tim Minnix can help you determine if a career as a real estate agent is right for you, and guide you toward empowering yourself and finding a promising future career in the field.

As a branch of Keller Williams, we’ve guided agents toward successful, fulfilling careers for years. Consider joining your local Texas Keller Williams branch, and be a part of the most dynamic real estate company in the world. Schedule an appointment to meet with Tim Minnix to get started.

Why Become a Lubbock, Texas Realtor?

Or a realtor in Amarillo, El Paso or Midland

If you’re contemplating switching gears and entering the real estate trade but aren’t sure if it’ll be a good fit, consult with the professional coaches at Careers in Real Estate with Tim Minnix. We’ll help you to gain a better understanding of the field and weigh the pros and cons of making the switch. Before becoming a licensed Texas realtor, consider this:

• As a real estate agent, you gain independence and control your own book of business
• The training to become licensed is typically a matter of months, so you can begin your new career quickly
• There are no limits on how successful you can be when you work hard, especially when you’re making the decisions
• Your income isn’t limited by an hourly wage, meaning huge growth potential
• Realtors have the luxury of keeping flexible schedules, and aren’t locked into a nine-to-five
• You’ll feel great helping clients navigate tricky home purchases, and feel satisfied knowing you helped them find a place to call home

Sound like the career for you? Then call Careers in Real Estate with Tim Minnix! We’ll schedule a face-to-face meeting to discuss your career goals and guide you on the path to a new, satisfying career. Call today!

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